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Story Game

Post by King Galixy on Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:17 pm

Idk i'm bored and wanted to post something so I did haha
you guyz have all seen this game b4 i'm sure I tell a part of the story and then somebody gives the next line or so and then so on and so forth

Story Teller (Person to start the story) May tell up to 6 lines (Meaning Six punctuation marks)
Story Writers (Person who continues the story) May tell up to 3 lines (Meaning Three Punctuation Marks)
If the story gets off track or completely just totally stupid a new story will be started
You May say anything that goes off topic as long as it has relevant's to the story
You may use only your imagination with the story
You must be your own character (Just to make the story more interesting)
You can not kill off another player unless the player has chosen to die and your just making an epic battle scene
If your character runs into another character or a monster or something to that effect if you call "battle scene" You may control your opponents character for up 2 lines plus you gain an extra story line for your post.
If the story is to boring or is slow then a new story will be written

Lets begin with this

I am traveling to a far distant land to battle the greatest of beasts, the most powerful warriors, and the most death defying mystical powers. Of course this isn't my choice I was arrested for standing on what I believe in. It took 17 days and 16 nights to arrive at the battle arena. Where I met various creatures their. The first round started in one hour after my arrival. I suited up and got ready to chop heads off with my most powerful Ally.

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